• Projects_Safe Water Education in the Philippines

    Safe Water Education in the Philippines

    Following the Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) in November 2013, Surge pledged to join forces with local partners to implement long-lasting, sustainable water and sanitation solutions. At the start of 2015, this pledge continued when Surge volunteers delivered the signature WASH program 17 times to nearly 650 people.

  • Projects_Continuing Our Commitment to Haitian Youth

    Continuing Our Commitment to Haitian Youth

    In late 2012, Surge began our WASH program for Haitian youth. Surge team members return to Haiti annually to deliver the training, and expand our school and community partnerships.

  • Projects_Educating Comm Health Partners_DR

    Educating Community Health Partners in the Dominican Republic

    In several countries, including the Dominican Republic, Surge trains community health advocates, as shown here. In turn, the advocates make in-home training visits to ensure families have the information needed to effectively use and maintain the water filters.

  • Projects_Global Awarenss US

    Global Awareness – Chicago, IL

    In Chicago, Surge volunteers build awareness of the global water crisis through nonprofit fairs, meet-ups, panel discussions, and movie screenings. The team also hosts an annual fall gala, often featuring field partners who help educate attendees on the importance of sustainable solutions and provide product demonstrations.

  • Projects_Global Awareness – The United Arab Emirates

    Global Awareness – Dubai, UAE

    Surge’s Dubai team has created unique approaches to adult education, including the Design, Dine, Donate gala. For the 2014 event, Surge asked UAE interior designers to create innovative and sustainable seating elements. Following presentations on the water crisis, the designs were auctioned to support Surge’s educational and field efforts.  

  • Projects_Water- The Global Passport

    Water: The Global Passport – Chicago, IL & Dubai, UAE

    Surge’s signature youth education program, Water: The Global Passport, takes students on a virtual journey around the world to foster understanding of water-related challenges. Through hands-on educational games, participants learn about the water crisis and ways to conserve their local water sources.